Defensive Driving for Mobile Devices

defensive driving classes defensive driving online

Life gets crazy sometimes.

Most of us have schedules that would intimidate a worker bee.

We have home and work.

And the commute to work.

And all kinds of errands and chores that take us all over town.

And occasionally we get to sleep.

All this can make it hard to find time for a traditional defensive driving class, which is why Comedy Guys Defensive Driving put its class online.And with so many people accessing the Internet via their smart phone, it made sense for us to make our defensive driving course available to Mobile Web users.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Online
works through your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone
just like it works on a computer.

  • Register through our Website and get started right away. Nothing to
    download or install. All you need is Internet access.
  • Pages and interface buttons are re-formatted to fit your phone’s display.
    Clicking the right button won’t be a struggle.
  • Videos adapted to the Mobile Web to make them fast and clear. You
    won’t doze off waiting for it to download.
  • Log in and out whenever you want. Just like our regular online class, you won’t
    be tied to your computer. Our defensive driving class adapts to your schedule.
  • Money Back Guarantee. Get your full payment back with one phone call. No hidden fees.

If you’re one of the many people who carry the Internet in their pocket, then Comedy Guys Defensive Driving online course is available to you via your cell phone. You have one more way to make a defensive driving class fit into your busy schedule. The power to get a ticket dismissed and get a discount on your car insurance is literally in the palm of your hand.

When Comedy Guys says “we’re as mobile as you are,” we really mean it.

defensive driving classes defensive driving online
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