Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers

The US Dept. of Transportation has determined that driving while distracted is such a widespread danger that the problem deserves its own Website.

The US DOT and NHTSA — “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” for those playing at home — have created www.distraction.gov, a place where drivers can educate themselves about just how dangerous it can be to drive without giving the task the attention it deserves.

ComedyGuys Defensive Driving spreads the word about distracted drivers.The site identifies three types of distracted driving:

  • visual, taking your eyes off of the road
  • manual, taking your hands off of the wheel
  • mental, letting your mind wander

Which of the three is the most prevalent — or the most dangerous — is largely a matter of opinion, but they’re all risky. A moving car with a distracted driver is basically a missile aimed at pretty much anything.

And this line is especially telling: “While all distractions can endanger drivers’ safety, texting is the most alarming because it involves all three types of distraction.”

At ComedyGuys.com Defensive Driving, we take distracted driving very seriously, too. In our training, we see the statistics, and in our classes we hear the horror stories. Whether you take our online driving safety class or take our defensive driving class at one of our more than 30 locations in Texas, we’ll spend time discussing the dangers of driving while distracted and do our best to make safer drivers out of our students.

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