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Avoiding Auto Mechanic Rip Offs

The best way to avoid auto mechanic rip offs is to be involved.  You don’t have to know a lot about cars to protect your pocketbook, all you need to know is how to be curious and interested in your own financial investment.   Look up the cost of that timing belt online and compare to what you’re being told. Did they order the part for you? Ask for proof it’s a new part and not a used one.  Do you feel pressured? Get out of there.

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Valentine’s Day Driving Tips

valentines day driving tips

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought maybe a nice little love letter about safe driving from me would put you in the mood with that certain special someone in your life. Hopefully if you’re caught reading this, it’s not considered cheating. Did you know Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day of…

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Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

Hey there, Parents. Life is great, isn’t it? You have your bills under control, you just came back from a family vacation where the whole family didn’t fight with each other. Yeah, life is great. One simple phrase though pushes all that happiness, all that relaxation back into oblivion. Those 5 words many parents dread…

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Texas Driving Records – Only $12

texas driving records

(Originally published 4/22/2013. Update 6/20/2017) COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE Fill out one online form at, pay them $12 via your credit card, and you can print official Texas driving records out there and then. No extra fees or hidden charges, and no getting advantage of by untrustworthy…

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Why Take Defensive Driving Online

Online defensive driving courses are more common these days than ever before, and they’ve improved much since the early days. Yet there are still people who prefer to get their tickets dismissed in one of our live defensive driving classes and who say they’ll never take an online course. Of course, we respect that, and we’re…

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Not Everyone Gets Every Joke

Not everyone has the same sense of humor. Sometimes we get comments like this one about our online defensive driving course: I learned a lot, but it wasn’t funny. The jokes were boring. I didn’t laugh once.   Here’s our standard response:   We’re glad you learned a lot from our online defensive driving course, but we’re…

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Be Careful on Short Trips, Too

The week before last, I had to take a training class which meant driving 10 miles out of my way in the rain down the infamous Central Expressway through Dallas. Nothing happened. But the day before, I had backed into a car and broken its headlights before I even got out of my driveway. As…

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