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We’ve all seen bad drivers on the road.

Of course we have. After all there are so many of them.

And yet no driver ever sets out to be a bad driver. No one gets behind the wheel and makes a conscious decision to be wreckless. To endanger their own life and those of many other people.

So where does all the bad driving come from
if no one wants to be a bad driver?

Mostly it comes from bad habits. From something dangerous that a driver decides to do, probably without realizing how dangerous it is. They get away with it, so they do it again and again until it becomes a habitual part of their driving.

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Icebike’s list of the
10 Most Dangerous
Bad Driving Habits
Around the World


That’s why I found it interesting to learn that the cycling website Icebike had collected a list of the worst driving habits around the world.

And it was interesting to see that — as bad as the driving habits around here can be — they’re not as bad as habitual driving mistakes that you can find in other parts of the world.

Including one country with no blood alcohol limit.

And one with no kind of required test to get a driver license.


What bad driving habits bother you the most?

What kind of driving really makes your blood boil when you see it?

Do you freak out when you see someone whipping in and out of lines, weaving through traffic? Or do you do that yourself because you can’t stand to get stuck behind someone going way below the speed of surrounding traffic?

Maybe you’re one of those people that would like to see the death penalty applied to changing lanes without a signal.

We all have something about our fellow drivers that annoys us the most.

What is yours?


And what bad driving habits are you willing to confess to having?

Every driver has something that they do while simultaneously realizing they shouldn’t do it.

For myself, I’ll confess to following too closely.

Before moving to Dallas, I’d been driving for almost twenty years, all without a wreck. But within my first year and a half here in the City of Large Blonde Hair, I’d had five minor fender-benders, all caused by my following too closely.

Including one where I was a full four-seconds behind the pickup in front of me. But the road was icy, my brakes were almost useless, and my car basically skiied into his rear bumber. (Which is exactly why we tell our defensive driving students that driving must change to fit the conditions.)

My first week on this job, I learned that following too closely was among the top five causes of crashes. Since then, I’ve done better.

But sometimes…

Anyway, that’s my bad driving habit confession.

What’s yours?