1954 Driving Safety Video image: 1950s Chevrolet text: Road Trips, 1954-style
Feeling nostalgic? Here’s a 1954 driving safety video from Chevrolet, featuring actress Gale Storm and her real-life husband and three sons taking what the video calls “that wonderful American institution of going new places and doing new things.”

Assuming, I guess, that no one in other countries ever takes vacations.

Gale Storm, by the way, was a Texas girl. Born in Bloomington in Victoria County, the  popular singer and actress starred in two television series in the 1950s, making her a contemporary of Lucille Ball.

There’s a lot in this short film that seems naive and nostalgic now — the utter lack of passenger safety, for example — but much of the travel advice is still useful to anyone making a road trip, either with or without the family.

At the very least, you’ll wish that today’s infomercials were this sweet.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/4IahEpFSfOA” mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”Road Trip, 1954-Style” description=”Video from 1954 of Gale Storm and family taking a road trip in their Chevrolet” upload_date=”2009-09-28″ duration=”10M40S” /]


A lot of the advice on trip planning in this 1954 driving safety video is still very useful today. In fact, it sounds very much like the things our instructors talk about in our defensive driving classes.