Alan Hale, Jr., will forever be known as the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.

From 1964-67, he and his fellow cast-a-ways were subjected to all manner of almost being rescued.  The show lasted for 99 episodes, starting in black-and-white and ending in color. He loved the role so much that he reprised the character in three Gilligan’s Island Movies.  We believe that Gilligan Meets Leather-face was not one of them.

Around the ComedyGuys office, we voted and picked our favorite Gilligan’s Island episode: the one where they almost get off the island.

In the early 1950s, Alan could be seen in The Gene Autry Show.  He did not play Rudolph’s Shiny Nose.  He appeared in dozen of Western dramas in the early days of television along with such shows as Route 66, Marcus Welby, MD and Hazel; proving that he could handle both comedy and drama.

His final appearance was with Bob Denver in Back to the Beach, a flick that featured a young Stevie Ray Vaughan playing “Pipeline” with Dick Dale.  The film was an up-date of the Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello flick with cameos by Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers, Don Adams, PeeWee Herman and a non-knife wielding O.J. Simpson.

He left this world on January 2, 1990 but will forever be shown on Ted Turnerowned networks.

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