If you thought red light cameras were annoying here in Texas, you should see how they’re being used in Australia.

In the state of Western Australia, the so-called “hoon” law allows police to seize vehicles accused of exceeding the speed limit by 27mph or more, performing a burnout or “sustained loss of traction,” or any type of reckless driving. The law is primarily aimed at younger drivers engaged in “hooning” or street racing.

Think FAST AND FURIOUS with an Aussie accent and no Vin Diesel.

For a first offense, the penalty is a mandatory 28-day impound without a judge’s approval , regardless of the owner’s culpability or the circumstances involved. A second offense will get your car impounded for three month. For a third, police keep the car permanently. Before a car is returned to the driver, he’ll have to pay significant fees and a towing charge.

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And before this sets anyone to ranting and raving about unfair laws, just consider that laws are almost always a response to a real situation. These laws would only exist if this kind of driving was a real problem. It must be a response to some seriously dangerous drivers.

And anything that gets a dangerous driver off of the road is good for everyone else.