protect your money when looking for auto repairs

When it comes to auto repairs, all of us are interested in the price and most of us are also a little worried that we’ll be taken advantage of. It’s hard for the average driver to know enough to see through deceptive practices and outright lies.

And there are enough disreputable repairmen out there, ready to take advantage of a customer’s ignorance, to make the entire profession look suspect.

Ted Olsen has written eight books and numerous articles on the automotive service industries. He has an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification and numerous other certifications from auto manufacturers such as  Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and General Motors.

He is also the author of an online article called 10 Things You NEVER Say to Your Mechanic, which is certainly worth reading. Like poker games and dating, getting your car worked on is one of those situations where a few badly considered words can be very expensive.

J Goods at is also helping out on the subject of auto repairs with his article Car Repairs for Dummies. He offers good advice on finding a repairman that you can (probably) trust and provides several links to useful online resources.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to protect themselves from being taken advantage of when it comes to an auto repair job?

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