Sooner or later, every driver gets into a situation that makes them angry.

Most of us stay rational and calm down pretty quickly. But there are a few drivers who let their anger and frustration control them instead of the other way around.

Here are some simple tips for avoiding being the target of one of these Road Rage drivers.


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And I’ll add one more bit of advice of my own: Don’t let this get personal. It might be tempting to respond to aggression with aggression, but don’t do it. It’s ingrained into many of us from a young age to never back down, never let someone else make you look week.

But consider who you’re dealing with here. This is not someone you know, someone whose opinion really matters. It’s just a random stranger on the road — and a childish one at that — who’s having a temper tantrum to get what he wants.

Just let him have whatever it is. Let him pass. Or let him merge. Or let him into your lane.

If that other guy ends up driving away feeling like he won and you lost, let him think that.

You’ll know that you stayed cool and let him be the childish one.

In the long run, the best way to deal with an irrationally angry driver is to keep away from him.