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Beginning drivers are often the most dangerous because driving is new to them. They have to concentrate on everything, and any distraction can throw them and cause a crash.

Certainly statistics prove that new drivers have more crashes.

But over time, certain aspects of driving become habitual for them, just like they did for the rest of us, and they become safer.


Much good driving behavior is a matter of habit.

Check out
Geicos’s list of the
7 Bad Driving Habits
That May be Illegal


Unfortunately, bad driving can also become habitual. Many drivers do foolish, even dangerous things every time they get behind the wheel. And because they’ve gotten away with it so many times in the past, they think they’ll continue to do so.

They think so right up until the crash occurs.

The good people at GEICO — who know a thing or two about auto collisions — have compiled a list of seven bad driving habits that you may be guilty of. Habits that may even be illegal for you.


Check out GEICO’s list and see how many of these bad driving habits you’re guilty of.

And then stop it!