Last week, a businessman from Baltimore County, Maryland achieved a level of Internet fame.

At first, Lenny B Robinson was getting this attention this was because police near Washington, DC, pulled him over in his Lamborghini Batmobile for not having the road-proper plates and found him inside in a Batman costume.

This made him the butt of jokes for a couple of days as even talk show host Jimmy Fallon took a stab at him in a monologue.

This week a man wearing
a Batman costume was
pulled over while driving
a Lamborghini. I think
the real story here is
that a grown man who
owns a Batman costume
can actually afford
a Lamborghini.

— Jimmy Fallon

But following some coverage in the Washington Post – including a published interview, it became clear that Robinson isn’t just another crazy fan in a costume.

Though he’s spent many hours and thousands of dollars on his costume, his car, and other Batman paraphanalia like many an over-eager fan, it’s what Robinson DOES as Batman that makes him truly heroic: instead of being photographed with fans at comic book conventions (or battling super villians), the Maryland man visits the children’s wards of area hospitals.

Here you can see the video clip that started all this attention. And you can see for yourself that, contrary to rumors, he was not pulled over because the Batmobile lost a wheel.

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