Bernard the Polar Bear has some driving problems that make my ongoing struggle with the Ford Escape from next door seem much less serious.

(Updated 2/23,2017: For some reason, this video has been moved from the official YouTube account for Bernard Bear, but this video is online elsewhere, so we can still enjoy it.)

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I really enjoy cartoons like Bernard Bear. There’s little or no spoken language, so the humor works regardless of the audience who’s watching. And these cartoons are entertaining without being too cruel or too crude, which seems to be a lot of what passes for funny on the television shows I see.

At, we’ve learned just how useful it is to use comedy in our defensive driving classes.

It’s a regretable truth that a defensive driving class is not naturally a fun way to spend six hours. And those of you old enough to remember the 1980s when these classes in Texas were eight hours long and all taught by highway patrol officers know just how painful boredom can be.

That’s why Comedy Guys hires comedians and entertainers to teach our state-approved driving safety classes. Our classes can help you get your speeding ticket dismissed and clean up your Texas driving record. But we also make the time go by faster by serving up the class with a free meal and some laughs.


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