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With Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month drawing to a close, now seems a good time to revisit a wonderful group that does good work, Bikers Against Child Abuse.

BACA (to use the acronym) is an international motorcycle club with a very focused mission: protecting abused children.

Since its founding in the mid 90s, BACA has been there to protect children victimized by abuse and to help them find their courage again. Numerous times, the reassuring presence of members in a court room has given a child the nerve to testify against their abuser.

The group was founded by John Paul Lilly, who uses the name “Chief” within the club. All members use nicknames to protect their identity from those they are trying to stop.

Lilly, a licensed clinical social worker and registered play therapist, began the group very informally, according to BACA’s website: He invited one eight-year-old boy, at first too frightened of his perpetrators to leave his home, into his biker circle.

Within weeks the boy was riding his bike all over town and playing with other kids. This led to the founding of the first BACA chapter in Utah, followed by others in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas.

The group’s website contains more detailed information about their history as well as how to contact them or find the chapter closest to you.

This article was first published Sept. 2015.

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