George Lucas will be forever tied with two different cinema events.  He is the man who created the Star Wars universe and the Indiana Jones franchise.  Every actor in Hollywood would kill to be in one of those series.  Land that gig and you can sell your autograph to sci-fi geeks at conventions for $20 a pop.

Lucas’ first major student film was THX-1138 which was of dystopian science fiction world much along the lines of 1984.  This led to American Graffiti, a film that single-handedly brought back the nostalgia craze of the 1950s.  It was also the film that started the careers of an entire generation of movie stars from Richard Dreyfuss to Harrison Ford.

Perhaps his greatest achievement to cinema was starting Industrial Light and Magic aka ILM.  This effects company was known for making some of the greatest moments in film from Willow to Who Framed  Roger Rabbit?  They also worked on Jurassic Park, Titanic and Saving Private Ryan.  They could also be partly to blame for The Last Airbender and Son of the Mask.

He also helped to create Pixar, which was founded as the Graphics Group.  Eventually, George sold this company to Steve Jobs who then turned it over into the most successful film studio of all time.  Pixar has never made a film that wasn’t a blockbuster.

In 1999, George Lucas became the subject of a loving parody George Lucas in Love, created by then USC film student Joe Nussbaum, who then parlayed his short film into a directing career of his own.

There is only one question to ask George Lucas: When are we going to see a Howard The Duck sequel?



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