Like many comics, Brett Butler started her career in the clubs such as The Comedy Annex in Houston, rocking blue-collar crowds with her one-liners about Southern life and Southern men.  She turned this into a headlining career and a writing gig on the Dolly Parton Variety Show.

Brett’s biggest claim to fame is the five season run of Grace Under Fire where she played Grace Kelly.  This was a show that was known as much for Brett’s addictions than it was for jokes.

Brett wrote about her troubles in the very successful book Knee Deep in Paradise.  The work chronicles her abuse of drinking, drugs and sex.  That is how most of us here at live our lives.

She can now be seen in Anger Management which means she is getting help from her co-star Charlie Sheen.  Winning!  With Tiger Blood!

She is quoted as saying, “I’m so Southern that I’m related to myself,” “I hate bigots so much that it makes me one” and “I was married to a sub-literate, terra-cotta-toothed imbecile with violent tendencies.”

Here you can see her in action, in the first episode of her sitcom Grace Under Fire.


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