The College Driver, which calls itself “an automotive resource site that provides news, reviews, and advice to college students from a college students perspective,” has offered up some good advice to prospective car buyers.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving: Advice on Buying a CarTheir article 5 Used Car Shopping Tips for College Students by Corey Mack delivers just what the title promises: tips to help college students find and negotiate for a used car while avoiding the common pitfalls. It’s a good a starting point for buying a used car without coming to regret it.

Just a couple of days later, The College Driver continued the good advice with Zeid Nasser‘s Tips for First Time College Car Buyers. Though a bit more superficial and shorter on hard advice than the first article, it does serve to point out to first time car buyers some to the things that they may not have considered before making a purchase.

(Nasser’s article refers to gasoline as “petrol,” too, but considering that it’s sponsored by, I guess that’s understandable.)

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