A “driving safety course” and a “defensive driving course” are the same thing. Almost everyone calls it “defensive driving” except for judges and attorneys who call it “driving safety.”

The change from calling what Comedy Guys does “driving safety” instead of “defensive driving” came from the Texas state agencies that regulate us and other driving safety school. It began when we were governed by the Texas Education Agency, and it continues under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR to its friends).

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There are two aspects to motorcycle safety: what drivers need to know and do to avoid crashes, and what motorcyclists need to know and do.

We’ll leave training motorcyclists to another blog post.

Right now, let’s talk about what drivers need to know about motorcycles and how they need to drive around them to avoid crashes.

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If you believe only teens and millennial get tickets, you would be wrong. In my classes, I have senior citizens, teenagers, a lot of millennials, and a good share of boomers.

Whether it’s from from risky behavior, complacency in their driving skill or in underestimating their shortcomings as an aging driver, I believe there are dangerous drivers in all age groups.

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