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Dismissing a Ticket

Defensive Driving Odessa College

Odessa College Comedy Guys Partner Texas Defensive Driving

ODESSA COLLEGE & COMEDY GUYS DEFENSIVE DRIVING SIGN UP NOW CONTACT US READ OUR REVIEWS FAQs $25 for Odessa College Students. Use Discount Code OCWRANGLERS. LATEST ARTICLES Your car is a huge investment. Preparing it well for summertime driving will help it run better and last longer. Read More… The summer temperatures can be hard…

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printable defensive driving certificates

Getting your ticket dismissed is about to get faster and easier, because soon you’ll be able to print your own defensive driving certificate. Comedy Guys will begin emailing printable defensive driving certificates to people who complete either our online course or our live defensive driving classes.

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Can my Defensive Driving Receipt Replace My Certificate?

will texas accept defensive driving receipt if i have not received my certificate

This is another of the common questions  that we get. If I don’t have my certificate, will the court accept my defensive driving receipt instead as proof that I’ve taken your class? And it’s related to some other similar questions. Can you fax my defensive driving certificate to me? Can my  driving safety certificate be emailed?…

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