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Driving Tip Series

Defensive Driving Tip 2 – Speed Limits

The speed limit is the speed limit when conditions allow.

If the metal sign by the side of the road says Speed Limit 45 MPH, that means that 45 is the safest maximum speed when the driving conditions are perfect: during daylight hours, when the traffic is light, and when the weather is good.

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Defensive Driving Tip 9 – Trip Planning

When most people take a trip, they just take what they think are the essentials…clothes, toiletries, etc. Here at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we teach you that there is more to traveling than just getting in the car and going. Not enough drivers plan ahead and tend to get caught short in an emergency. Sure,…

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Defensive Driving Tip 8 – Following Distance

defensive driving tips safe following distance

Safe Following Distance Choosing the Right Following Distance to Keep Yourself and Your Passengers Safe on the Road For some reason, people think that they’re going to arrive at their destination sooner if they stay within inches of the car in front of them. Following too closely or tailgating is one of the top reasons…

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Defensive Driving Tip 7 – Driving with Big Trucks

Where would we be without big trucks? Better off, you say? Hardly. We need big trucks to get large numbers of things and large objects from Point-A to Point-B. Semi-trucks, car haulers, cement mixers, lumber carrying trucks…all of these trucks are needed for use of things in our everyday lives. Not everything can be shipped…

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Defensive Driving Tip 6 – Avoiding Accidents

Many automobile accidents occur because people never bother to take precautions when driving. They assume the odds are with them and that they won’t get into an automobile accident. Ever met someone… let’s say over the age of fifty who’s been driving regularly for the last thirty plus years …that has never been in an…

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