#9 on TxDOT’s list of the most common factors contributing to a collision is an unsafe speed that is under the posted speed limit.

No, that’s not a typo.

It is possible to be driving under the posted speed limit and still be going at an unsafe speed.

First, remember an important but too-often-forgotten detail of driving that Comedy Guys brings up in all of our classes:

The speed limit is the speed limit
only when conditions allow.

If the sign says 45 mph, that means it is safe to drive at that speed only when the driving conditions are good: during daylight hours when when the weather and road conditions are good and when traffic is fairly light.

When driving conditions are not this perfect, the safer driver will go under the posted speed limit.

Drive under the posted speed limit when

  • it’s dark,
  • weather conditions are making the road wet or slick,
  • the road surface is in bad condition, or
  • the traffic is fairly heavy.

Too many of us don’t drive that way, of course, and that’s what makes unsafe speed under the limit rank so highly on the list of contributing factors.

In 2008, more than 18,000 collisions were caused by Texas drivers who were driving faster than conditions allowed. Don’t be one of them.

Remember: it’s better to get there slowly than not to get there at all.

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