Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve, the most dangerous night of the year for getting killed in a collision caused by drinking and driving. According to AAA, “an average of 80 people a year are killed in alcohol-related crashes on New Year ’s Day—almost two and a half times as many as on the same day of the week in other weeks around New Year’s.”

And, of course, drunk drivers don’t just kill themselves. Very often they take some of the rest of us with you.

Drive Sober Tomorrow Night

Well, and every other night, too. Alcohol affects your brain in many ways, which means your judgement will be affected.  When the party’s winding down tomorrow night is not the time to be decide what to do because you may not be thinking clearly. The best plan is to decide what you’ll do before you take that first drink.

Pick a designated driver. This means that someone may miss out on some of the fun at the party, but they’ll also miss the fun of trips to the emergency room or the funeral home later.

Switch to non-alcoholic drinks long before the party ends. It takes your liver one hour to clean out one drink’s worth of alcohol (typically the same for a 12oz. beer, a 5oz. glass of wine, or a 1.5oz. shot of the hard stuff), so time your drinking to make sure that your liver has time to do its stuff.

Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers

If you’re on the road tomorrow night,  look out for other drivers who aren’t quite as sober as yourself. Watch for cars that are weaving among lanes or going either dangerously fast or alarmingly slowly. Maintain a careful speed yourself, and increase your following distance so that you can avoid becoming part of someone else’s collision.

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