Admit it: when you were a kid, you wanted this car. It was a cool-looking convertible that could float, fly, and save your family from evil Vulgarian barons.

Add a few cupholders, and it would be perfect.

Well, if you’ve got at one million laying around unused, you can have Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang for your very own, because it’s for sale on Ebay.

Profiles in History, a dealer in original entertainment memorabilia and historical manuscripts, is offering the car for sale from eBay account, on behalf – no doubt – of the actual owner. As of this morning, the reserve price of $1million has not yet been met.

I don’t know what’s taking Jay Leno so long to snatch this thing up.

This car is one of six that were built for the filming of the the 1968 musical starring Dick Van Dyke and Sallie Ann Howes. Two of those six were the pre-Caractacus Potts racecars – one for the racing scene and one in its dilapidated state. Two others were the “special effects” cars, rebuilt to fly or to function as a hovercraft. The two remaining cars were actual driveable roadcars.

The car offered for sale now is one of those two, the “backup” road car. The primary road car, as well as the hovercraft mobile, are on display at the Cars of the Stars Museum in Keswick, England.


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