Monday, July 30

Delta Burkeis a former Miss Florida who made quite a splash in Hollywood. Within a month of relocating to LA-LA Land, she landed her first television roles. This irritated many struggling performers.

Her role as Suzanne Sugerbaker on the show DESIGNING WOMENwon her two Emmy Nominations and legion of fans.

She spends much of her time today running her own design company and occasionally acting. Few speak of her cabin in the woods and the knife-wielding psychopath who lives deep in the swamps.

Ah, Tom Green… My computer is down so I have to do this one by memory.Tom Green is an actor/writer/director/chef/focus-puller/key-grip in Hollywood. As the son of Mr.Green-Jeans, he has struck out on his own in Hollywood. Tom is the person who named the dip between the tines of a fork the ‘frood’. His first role was one of the back teeth of Bruce the shark in JAWS, an uncredited performance.

Tom was the original inspiration for ET. …not the movie, but off-off-off-Broadway show done in his basement. Well, not him, but his Freddy Finger: it glows.

Tom was also married to Drew Barrymore (insert another ET finger joke here).

Known as the smart one of FRIENDS, Lisa Kudrow the actress who seems to have gone past her television co-stars. She won a Emmy, was nominated for a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and American Comedy Award. She is also unique in having played both halves of the same set of twins, Phoebe and Ursula Buffet, on two different shows: FRIENDS and also MAD ABOUT YOU.Since her television days, Lisa has branched out to such major features as ROMY & MICHELE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, ANALYZE THIS, and EASY A.

According to the tabloid press, she is the lone hold-out on a FRIENDS reunion show, so here’s hoping she keep up the good work on that!s

Jamie Pressly took the world by storm when she played Joy the former wife of Earl Hickey on MY NAME IS EARL. This fiery-mouthed dynamo had the world in stitches for season after season.She has been named on a beautiful women poll in STUFF, MAXIM and FHMMagazines.

Once on the Howard Stern show, she described Howard’s less than handsome looks by saying “You got slapped by a yarmulke.” That statement alone is enough to garner our praises.

Tuesday, July 31

“You rang?” is one of the earliest catch phrases from television, and it came from the deep jowled voice of Ted Cassidy.

As Lurch the butler on THE ADDAMS FAMILY, his drool sneer won the hearts of countless macabre fans. He was also on the films MACKENNA’S GOLD and BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID.

According to interviews, he was not proud of his acting work and did not want to be remembered by the roles he generated.

So he understands how our parents feel about us….

Wednesday, August 1

As Burt Reynold‘s side kick in a series of film, Dom DeLuise won the hearts of movie audiences worldwide. He was one of Johnny Carson‘s favorite guests and one of Mel Brooks‘ favorite actors.

He wrote two cookbooks of Italian recipes EAT THIS and EAT THIS, TOO!

His third book, EAT THAT! I DARE YOU TO EAT THAT, was never published.

He is quoted as saying “I became a comedian when they laughed at my serious acting,” and “I’m actually a thin serious person, but I play fat and funny, but only for the movies.”

Thursday, August 2

Walking as a god among men in the comic book/sci-fi/fanboy world, Kevin Smith stands alone.

His first film CLERKS is hailed as a independent masterpiece. Since then he has written and directed such flicks as DOGMA, CHASING AMY, and JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK. His character of Silent Bob is everyone’s favorite drug dealer.

Kevin has taken a few straight acting gigs in such films as CATCH AND RELEASE, DAREDEVIL, and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, all of which prove he should stick to directing.

It is rumored that he is retiring from Hollywood. We here at are guessing that he will have as much success in his new career, flight attendant at Southwest Airlines.

Friday, August 3

John Landis directed ANIMAL HOUSE, COMING TO AMERICA, and THE BLUES BROTHERS, so there is no question that John Landis knows a thing or two about making a great comedy.

He also directed THE STUPIDS, INTO THE NIGHT, and BEVERLY HILLS COP III which proves he doesn’t know everything.

He is the guy who made zombies dance in the “Thriller” video and put AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.

We at ComedyGuys just have one question: when are we going to see SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY?

Saturday, August 4

For very old men, Maureen McCormick was our first television crush. As Marsha Brady she did as much to stimulate the teen male sex drive as a stack of Playboy Magazines.

According to her auto-biography, at different times she had a crush on all the male members of the cast.

Hmmm… Crushing on your brothers and father… We didn’t know THE BRADY BUNCH was set in Arkansas.

Loni Anderson was the blonde bombshell on WKRP IN CINCINNATI, a show that proved that radio could be funny on television. Her character of Jennifer Marlowe was nominated for an Emmy.That role moved her into television movies about famous blonde bombshells such Jayne Mansfield and Thelma Todd.Her playing Harpo Marxdidn’t work out as well.She was married to Burt Reynolds for a time, so we know Loni is a gal who can take a punch.