Dane Cook is one of the most successful stand-up comics working today.  He has gone from small clubs and colleges to sold out performances at Madison Square Garden.  He has taken this success and turned it into a very unsuccessful movie career which included the bombs of Employee of the Month, My Best  Friend’s Girl and Good Luck Chuck.  These film have been banned by the Geneva Convention as cruel and unusual punishment.

Dane Cook once said, “I feel like the gods have certainly patted me on the head.”  We figure that would explain the brain damage….

Comedians such as Joe Rogan and Louis C.K. have both claimed that Dane has stolen material from the comics.  We thought that was Robin Williams job.

Among comics, he is considered one of the most unfunny performers working today.  Ron White said, “He does not make me laugh at all, in any way, shape or form.”  That may because Ron was just drunk and everybody knows that being drunk and being funny do not mix.

He also once said, “I love hecklers.  They remind you that you are a comedian.” Funny: we here at ComedyGuys thought that laughter reminds us that we are comedians.

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