defensive driving newsHere’s another Texas driver, making the rest of us so proud.

On August 14, Timothy Raines of Ft Worth was spotted driving erratically south of the TCU campus on a forklift, which was later revealed to have been stolen from Holiday Inn construction site at Rosedale Street and Forest Park Boulevard. According to the news account that followed, Raines had his dog along as a passenger and drank his beer as he drove along, even hurling empty cans at the police cars that followed.

Beers, dogs, stolen forklift, and running from the cops — there’s got to be a country song in there somewhere.

UTA student Nathan Lowery, also of Fort Worth, was driving south on South University Drive to get gas when he spotted the freewheeling forklift, made a U-turn, and whipped out his camera. As a result we have this wonderful video footage below.

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In a later story, Fort Worth Police stated that Lowery and his roommate, who was riding along as a passenger, may face charges for violating traffic laws while putting themselves and the public in danger by following the chase.

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