Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was most well-known for being a wildlife expert and television personality.  As owner of the Australian Zoo, this crazed Aussie seemed to always be around crocodiles.

Here in Texas, we are also around crocodiles, though usually as boot skins.

The Crocodile Hunter television show was seen in 500 million homes in over 130 countries.  Steve was also seen in the film Doctor Doolitle 2, which was seen by almost a dozen paying customers.

The entire Irwin family were also featured in a Wiggles video, which just proves how low any group of persons will stoop just to be seen by a wider audience.

Steve was  a great promoter for Australian Tourism, and he made a much better national representative than Crocodile Dundee.  Though he did have his critics, one has to admit that any entertainer who takes his one-year-old child into a croc pit can’t be all bad.

Steve died doing what he loved.  In 2006 while shooting the documentary Ocean’s Deadliest, Steve was pierced in the chest by the tail of a stingray.  He was pronounced dead on the scene.

That phrase “dead on the scene” also describes Eddie Murphy‘s Doctor Doolittle performance.

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