lico reyes, comedy guys defensive driving classesIt seems like has been sending Lico Reyes all over the place lately. In addition to his regular defensive driving class at Tejanos Restaurant in Oak Cliff, he’s also been teaching our classes in Hurst and Burleson, and now he’s at work setting up a Sunday class at a new location in Denton.

But maybe this is another example of people who do good work getting more work dumped on them, because the Student Comment forms we make available in our classes show that students in Lico’s driving safety classes are entertained by him and his classes.


Defensive Driving Classes in Burleson TX

Reading student responses to recent defensive driving classes in Burleson, JoAnn B. called him “very informative and fun,” and Theresa H. said his class was “not boring but gave a lot of information.” She particularly like learning about laws that she was unfamiliar with.

Justin V. called Lico a “very intelligent man,” which probably just fed Lico’s already healthy ego.

Alex H. called Lico a “funny guy” who kept the class “unboring.” He also said our class made him “not want to ever get a ticket again,” which is exactly the kind of thing we like to hear.

Madison T. kept things simple: she just wrote “Great class!” in big letters across the form.


Defensive Driving Classes in Hurst TX

At Miguelito’s Restaurant in Hurst, Janice D. said that Lico was “very nice and funny,” and Lisa D. said “the instructor was very knowledgable and enjoyable.”

Brandon S. said “the instructor was corny but hilarious, and I liked the class very much.”

The best compliment, though, came from Wayne F. who said that Lico “cares that students remember the information.”

Unlike some of our defensive driving competitors, Comedy Guys and our curriculum provider A Safer Driver, Inc., actually do care very much that students leave our classes knowing and understanding more about being a safe driver. Beyond just getting tickets dismissed, cleaning up driving records, or qualifying for insurance discounts, it’s important to us that we make safer drivers out of the people who take our classes.

Keep checking our calendar of defensive driving classes to find Comedy Guys defensive driving classes taught by Lico Reyes, including the new Denton TX location when it’s added to our schedule.

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