Every since you told us in class that tailgating is one of the top causes of car crashes, I’ve tried to be more careful about it. And I get more irritated by people tailgating me.

One night I was going south on Central Expressway in fairly heavy traffic, and there was a little sports car right behind me, close enough that I could almost hear what the driver was saying on her cell phone. I’ve pulled trailers that weren’t this close to me.

Real Stories from ComedyGuys.com Defensive Driving customersI slowed down — just like you told us in class — but she wouldn’t go around. I tapped the brakes a few times to make the brake lights come on, but she wouldn’t take the hint.

Finally I found a spot in traffic where I could change lanes to get away from her, and as she went past me I noticed a metal frame around her rear license plate.

It said “I hate tailgaters.”

— John Williams, Plano

John took our defensive driving class at Dave & Busters in Dallas. If you have a real driving story of your own that you’d like to see ComedyGuys.com publish, email it blog@comedyguys.com.

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