Dallas defensive driving TestimonialsComic actor David Moore has been one of Comedy Guys’ defensive driving instructors for a few years now, and he is repeatedly one of the most popular with driving safety customers.

After a recent Saturday class at Dave & Busters on Walnut Hill and Central Expressway, customers had a lot of nice things to say about David and his class.


Kareem B. of Dallas complimented David on his “great enthusiasm” and “good interaction with students.”

Juliet J. – also from Dallas – was just as complimentary: “Mr. Dave is an excellent teacher and most humorous. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends.

Alicia V. of Sachse agreed, saying  “I really enjoyed the class and the instructor, and if I ever had to take this again I would take this class.” She even had good things to say about the Comedy Guys office staff: “They did a great job helping me because I had a problem on the Internet.” We love hearing comments like this: Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is one of the few companies left that has an actual office that is open every weekday and is staffed with trained employees who take good care of our customers.

Finally, Xavier M. of Garland said simply “I really liked this class,” which is exactly what we want to hear from everyone who takes a Comedy Guys Defensive Driving class, whether they take it one of our live class locations or our online defensive driving course, which you can even access on your iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone or tablet.


The only downside to David’s popularity is that it means that Todd Justice, professional stand up comic, has a challenge in front of him as he begins Saturday defensive driving classes at our new Dallas location, SpeedZone Dallas at 11130 Malibu Drive (NW corner of Walnut Hill and Interstate 35E).

We’re not worried though. At Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we know that it’s the smart, entertaining, and friendly people that teach our live defensive driving classes that make us better than our competitors.

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  1. Aby on 05/24/2012 at 5:06 am

    My first reaction is that spsroonships may have a big affect on the difference in cost. And perhaps the size of the show (more participants = more revenue = less cost per individual). I can’t remember if the sponsorship news I saw a few months ago was general sponsorship of the registry, or sponsorship of GN. But now that that door has been opened hopefully we will see more of it in the Morgan world and show costs will adjust accordingly.

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