Dave Thomas gained fame by being a part of SCTV, the Canadian sketch comedy show that gave SNL a run for it’s money in the 1980s.  Along with such comedy performers as John Candy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Harold Ramis, they proved that people from the higher latitudes can bring the funny.

Perhaps his greatest creation was with Rick Moranis when they debuted Bob & Doug McKenzie, the two Canadian hosts of The Great White North.  They drank beer and called each other other “hosers” while playing games such as beer Russian Roulette.  The two eventually starred in the film Strange Brew.  To prove the two are total sell-outs, they have licensed their image to such companies as NBC, Miller Brewing, and Disney.  Dave is also turning the duo into a cartoon series.  It is about time we had a pair of drunks on kid’s television.

Dave has appeared in many television series and in such flicks as Stripes, Rat Race and Spies Like Us. One of his longest runs was on Grace Under Fire where he played Russell Norton.  For five seasons, Dave had to battle a drunken Brett Butler.  Who says that Hollywood has no dark side…

Today, Dave spends the bulk of his time as founder and President of Animax Entertainment, an animation company based in Van Nuys and Toronto.  Talk about a long daily commute.


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