defensive driving newsTexas: No Red Light Cameras for Dayton TX
Consistent with the voters’ rejection of the purported revenue-generating devices, the Dayton City Council unanimously scrapped the idea of red-light cameras at its Nov. 21 meeting.

Missouri:  Lt Governor Campaigns Against Red Light Cameras
Former judge Michael Carter to land the number-two job in Missouri state government is hoping his opposition to red-light cameras will put his candidacy over the top.

Illinois: Chicago City Employees Pay $1.1 Million in Overdue Fines, Bills
Local government employees with overdue parking tickets and water bills have coughed up $1.1 million in the five weeks since Mayor Rahm Emanuel threatened to fire or suspend them if they didn’t settle their debts.

Louisiana: Court upholds citizens rights to make DUI arrests
Private citizens can arrest other motorists suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), the Louisiana Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.