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Colorado: Denver has to earn trust for red-light cameras

Denver must prove that its controversial photo-radar and red-light camera programs are making the streets safer, or people will think they exist only to raise money, according to a city audit.

Texas: Speed limits going up on area highways

Signs with an unfamiliar message “speed limit 75” have been showing up on major Central Texas roads this fall, the result of a change in state law earlier in the year.

New Mexico: New Mexico: Speeding case focuses on illegal speed limits in Edgewood

Since 2002 the speed limit signs along residential streets in Edgewood have read 25 mph, and until
three weeks ago no one thought twice about it.

Maryland: “Speed Trap State” may be state’s new motto

As Maryland adds speed cameras at a rapid and apparently unchecked rate, it risks annoying more than its
populace. The state is gaining the same reputation as the shabby rural town that tickets unwary outsiders
to finance the sheriff’s convention trip to Hawaii.

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