I’ll admit it: I was a little nervous when Comedy Guys Defensive Driving gave Gene McGuire a video camera to take to his classes. There was no way of knowing what this guy would bring back.

But so far it’s been okay. Just a few of his defensive driving students telling stories and a couple of clips of some cat doing something “adorable.”

Here’s the first one: A defensive driving student telling the story of the time he raced some police officer.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/k8yOql8l-rg” title=”texas defensive driving student races cop” description=”Comedy Guys Defensive Driving student tells the story of his street-racing a police officer.” upload_date=”2011-06-09″ duration=”2M14S” /]

And just so we know you’ve been told this at least once, don’t do stuff like this.