Modern vehicles come with all kinds of safety equipment to make the driver and passengers safer in the event of a collision. Safety belts, air bags, child safety seats — all with years of research behind their construction.

But these safety devices will only help you if you use them properly.


Why do we talk about safety belts? Many students tell us that safety belts have technically nothing to do with defensive driving. Actually, they have everything to do with defensive driving. Sure, not wearing you seatbelt doesn’t cause accidents, but they do prevent serious injury and death, not to mention the fact that it is the law.

Imagine the whiny voices: “It’s so-o-o uncomfortable!” “It wrinkles my clothes!” “It rubs against my neck!” “I have airbags. Why do I need to wear a seatbelt?”

Of course, these complaints come from those people who have probably never been in a serious accident. They are drivers whose heads have never hit the windshield or dashboard. People who have never had their chest crushed by the steering wheel. People who’ve never been ejected from a moving car. READ THE REST…

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