Where would we be without big trucks?

Better off, you say?

Hardly. We need big trucks to get large numbers of things and large objects from Point-A to Point-B. Semi-trucks, car haulers, cement mixers, lumber carrying trucks…all of these trucks are needed for use of things in our everyday lives. Not everything can be shipped by train or plane. We have to share the road with big trucks whether we particularly like it or not.

Yes, they’re big, and sometimes slow, and yes, sometimes the drivers act like they own the road. But they’re on the road with us, and we need to know how to drive when we’re around them. Many accidents and deaths have occurred over the years between cars and large trucks. Many could’ve been prevented, but a lack of knowledge or a lax attitude towards them got the better of drivers, and a serious injury or death occurred when it didn’t have to.

We see semi-trucks all over the road each and every day. They have to be there, so learn to drive with them. READ THE REST.

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