driving tips: planning a safer tripWhen most people take a trip, they just take what they think are the essentials…clothes, toiletries, etc.

Here at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we teach you that there is more to traveling than just getting in the car and going. Not enough drivers plan ahead and tend to get caught short in an emergency.

Sure, you need to carry the essentials, but you also need to prepare for the unexpected.

The first thing you need to do if you’re planning a trip is to make sure your car is as ready to go as you are. If you haven’t had a tune-up or oil change for a while, make sure you do it.

And be aware of the quirks of your engine: if you know that your car uses a lot of coolant or oil or some other messy, sticky automotive supply, take some extra with you. You don’t want your vehicle to poop out on you half way there. READ THE REST.

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