Last week, the importance of wearing your safety belt was plain to not just see, but to experience first-hand.

The Connecticut State Police and the University of Hartford Public Safety Department worked together to show students why it’s so important to wear safety belts as they put students into “The Convincer,” a fairly simple machine that simulates a 5mph crash.

You can see The Convincer in action and hear the response of students in this video.

Of course, we’ve said a thing or two about the importance of safety belts before.

The subject comes up in every one of Comedy Guys’ defensive driving classes, and NOT just because the state requires it. We’d talk about safety belts even if it wasn’t required, because safety belts are just that important to keeping drivers safe on the roads.

Safety Belts Keep You Safe

No one wants to be in a crash, of course, but collisions happen every day. And if and when it happens to you, your safety belt is the best way to keep you in your seat so that all the other safety devices built into your car — airbags, crumple zones, roll cages, etc. — can do their jobs.

As one of our defensive driving instructors put it once, “All the safety equipment in the world can’t protect you if you fly through the windshield during the crash.”

And, to get back to last week’s demonstration at the University of Connecticut, there was another device there that simulated a rolling car. Crash test dummies were placed inside and the car was set to rolling. It wasn’t long before the dummies came falling out of the window, showing just how important it is to let your safety belt keep you in the car.

Speaking personally, when I had my crash last year, it was my safety belt that kept it from being so much worse than it was. My truck was spun around 180 degrees and then rolled upside-down. But even after that, my only real injury at the time was a cut on my hand from crawling out through the broken class.

If I hadn’t been wearing my safety belt when the truck rolled over, there’s no knowing how much worse it could have been.

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