Comedy Guys adds new location for
Denton Defensive Driving Classes

Comedy Guys has added The Drunken Donkey – Denton location to its schedule of defensive driving classes.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving at

Drunken Donkey – Denton

3350 Unicorn Lake Blvd
Denton TX 76210

1st and 3rd Wednesdays
10am to 4pm

These classes are taught by comedian Karen Crowell, an experienced and dedicated driving safety instructor. For years, Karen taught classes in this area and has a strong local following. She also hosts a monthly comedy show at The Drunken Donkey.

The Drunken Donkey – Denton is just south of Interstate 35E between Denton and Lake Dallas, right on the bank of tiny Unicorn Lake. (Restaurant management requests that you not feed the unicorns.)

Classes are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 10am to 4pm. The next class is set for Wednesday, May 4th. See our class calendar to sign up.

The cost of the class includes non-alcoholic drinks and your meal, made from scratch by the chefs at The Drunken Donkey. If you have never eaten at The Drunken Donkey, ask any friend who has: it has a great reputation for a reason. The food almost makes it worth getting a ticket in the first place.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is proud to add this exciting location to its already busy schedule of driving safety classes. It fits right in with our philosophy of becoming a safer driver while enjoying some good food and a few laughs.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving remains a great, fun way to dismiss a speeding ticket and lower your auto insurance rates while having some fun.


Or use our flexible
Online Driving Safety Course.

Of course, for those of you too busy for a live defensive driving class, we still offer our online driving safety course. There’s no food included, unfortunately, but the online course more than makes for that with its flexibility. With our online course, you can log in and out whenever and as many times as you want.

And work from any device that has access to the Internet: work from home, from work, from school, even from your tablet or smart phone while you’re standing in line at the bank.