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denton defensive driving classes
Denton Defensive

Driving Classes

Dallas Craft Company
3350 Unicorn Lake Blvd
Denton Texas 76210
every other Wednesday at 10am
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It was almost a year ago that we started having our state-approved defensive driving classes at The Drunken Donkey in Denton. And it’s been a great location for us: comfortable accomodations, good people, and great food.

But now the Drunken Donkey has changed its name.

Now it’s called the Dallas Craft Company, to emphasize the excellent food that comes from their craft kitchen.

Everything else will stay the same, though. Same quick, friendly service. Same address. Same nice location right beside Unicorn Lake.

And the schedule for our defensive driving classes — every other Wednesday at 10am — and the classes are still taught by the energetic Karen Crowell.