Diane Lane made her screen debut at 13 in the film A Little Romance, though 13 is a bit too young for romance.

She became a fan-boy favorite when she starred as Ellen Aim in the great retro-cult classic flick Streets of Fire.  In the film she sang, danced and kicked bad guy butt!

1983, was a big year for Diane Lane when she appeared in both Rumble Fish and The Outsiders.  She was called by Andy Warhol “the undisputed female lead of Hollywood’s new rat pack.”  We don’t think anyone was to be associated with a rat pack.

Her status changed in 2002 when she appeared in Unfaithful where she cheated on Richard Gere.  Her role of Connie Sumner won her a slew of awards and nominations, including an Oscar nod.  Who knew that being a cheater would garner such praise.  Hollywood just loves loose women.

She once said “I like someone who’s suffered from both sides.”  Hey, Diane, we comics suffer from all sides, so call us.   214-426-6339 and dial anytime!

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