Defensive Driving is a great source of information about new laws affecting Texas driversBeginning March 1, first-time drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 must take a six-hour driver education course before they can receive a license. This is a result of several new laws that went into effect in September 2009, and this one in particular is a response to the growing number of teenagers who avoided “driver’s ed” by waiting until they were 18 to get a license.

But with almost 20 percent of car crashes in Texas involving 18- to 24-year-old drivers, it was obvious to lawmakers that more training was needed. The law that went into effect this week has closed this loophole.

The six-hour course covers topics such as road signs, driving rules, insurance, and drunk driving. Students must pass a written test in addition to the DPS driving skills test to get a license.

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This increased training is still less than what is required for those under 18, who must take a 32-hour driver education class, plus seven hours of practical training behind the wheel.

Though ComedyGuys Defensive Driving is not yet one of the schools teaching the new six-hour driver training, our curriculum and certainly our goals are the same.

Anything that makes Texas drivers safer is good for all of us.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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