Do you remember your first driving lesson?

And would you really want people seeing what you did?

I know that I wouldn’t. But apparently in today’s “film everything and share it with the world” culture, even driving lessons are entertainment.

The video below is exactly that. It comes from Dahlia Rudd, a YouTuber and Instagrammer from Canada. She was about sixteen when this video of her practicing driving was posted in 2018. Presumably she’s much more experienced and calmer now.

Have a look at Dahlia’s first driving lesson on an actual road and see if it brings back any memories of when you learned to drive.

And if you have any great stories about it, we’d like to see them in the comments below.

Learning to drive can be a stressful and frightening thing.

But Dahlia — for all her nervousness — handles herself well in this driving lesson.

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