driving news, comedy guys defensive driving classes, houston tx, dallas txIdaho Senator Has Jan 4 Court Date on Drunk Driving Charge
Sen. Michael Crapo (R Idaho) was arrested early on Dec 23 and charged with DUI in a suburb of Washington DC. A spokesman for Senator Crapo announced on Dec. 28 that the Senator had no plans to fight the charge. Read the initial report from the AP.

Pedestrian Struck by Dallas DART Train Dies
Dallas Police are investigating the death of a pedestrian struck on Wednesday night by a Dallas Area Rapid Transit train at the Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station. Witnesses reportedly told investigators that the man was standing behind a pole and stepped in front of the train as it left the station. Get the story from KEYE-TV.

Car Thieves Drive Wrong Way Down Highway
Other drivers are endangered as three car thieves drive the wrong way down Highway 99. Before being arrested by CHP officers, the thieves had taken a series of three cars. Story and video here. Posted 2 Jan 2013 to aol.com.

Rules Encouraging Backup Cameras Delayed
The NHTST has missed a deadline for releasing rules encouraging automakers to install backup cameras in more cars and trucks. As of Jan 2, the rules were still being reviewd by the White House prior to publication. Get the whole story from AutoNews.com.

Parking Lot Rage As Driver Deliberately Hits Pedestrian
A Georgia teenager was saving a parking spot for a pregnant friend, when a woman driving an SUV demanded the girl move and let her park in the spot. When the girl didn’t give her what she wanted, the woman used her car to knock the girl out of the way. Get the details here. Posted 2 Jan 2013 to aol.com.

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  1. Gene McGuire on 01/07/2013 at 9:35 am

    If you get pulled over by Ft Worth PD, and they ask, “Do you know why I pulled you over? Don’t say, “you need a drinking buddy.?”

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