Yesterday Car and Driver published a harsh look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in “Why NHTSA is More Defective than the Defects It Investigates.”

Motor Trend‘s Angus MacKenzie explains why he gets a lot out of seeing a car put together in Inside the Machine: What I’ve learned from Auto Factory Tours.

According to Automotive News, Japanese automakers Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are at least partially funding the cost of operating hydrogen stations across Japan, as part of that nation’s attempt to create a “hydrogen society.” Read the story here.

The Safe Driver blog discusses why July is the month with the most driving collisions and warns us how to keep ourselves safe this month.

Yesterday the guys at Car Talk fielded a question about whether or not to dump a mechanic who made expensive repairs without authorization. See their answer here.

And the fun people at The Oatmeal tell us 6 Things I Learned from Riding in a Google Self-driving Car. Such as “Human beings are terrible at driving.” Who knew?!

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