defensive driving news, comedy guys defensive driving blogArizona: Nude carjacking spree leaves seven injured
Police say a man in Scottsdale, Arizona went on a carjacking spree that left a trail of destruction behind him. He could potentially face charges for carjacking, robbery and leaving the scene of an accident.

Virginia: Breath device required for first-time DUI offenders
Drunken driving is poised to become bigger business in Virginia. Under a new state law, first-time offenders will be required to have equipment installed in their vehicles that can sense if someone has been drinking and prevent them from driving.

Texas: Woman says she spent 12 hours in jail after warning drivers of a speed trap
A woman tried to save drivers from getting ticketed by police and instead ended up in jail herself. Now she claims she was wrongfully arrested and fears police retribution.

Missouri: Carjacker who can’t drive stick gets ride from victim
Note to budding carjackers: Learn to drive a stick shift before heading out to boost a car. Note to potential carjacking victims: If the thief can’t drive a stick, run away and call the cops.

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