comedy guys defensive driving classes, auto history article featuring tailfins and Harley EarlAre you one of the many people who miss the stylish look cars used to have?

Granted the rounder shape is more aerodynamic and fuel efficient, which is increasingly important given gas prices and petroleum depletion. No matter that I get the feeling that people are driving around in giant multi-colored soap bubbles made of fiberglass.

Moreover, all those point bits and enormous hood ornaments could turn into lethal weapons in a crash.

But there’s still something cool about a shiny car dripping with chrome, breezing down the road with tailfins cutting proudly through the wind. It’s like that scene from Die Another Day when James Bond leaves 2002 Hong Kong and we see him next in Cuba, cruising along in an open 1957 Ford Fairlane.

Well, if you are also nostalgic for cars from days gone by, then Car of the Centuryhas an article for you that will tell more than you ever wanted to know about the tailfin including its creation by legendary auto designer Harley Earl and its factory production

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