Driving Safety for high speed chases? Really?

ComedyGuys.com is always looking for new technology that increases driving safety.  We tip our hat to Leonard Stock of Phoenix for doing his part and inventing the Grappler Bumper.


Increasing Driving Safety
for Law Enforcement, Suspects, AND Bystanders

Drivers fleeing law enforcement throw all caution to the wind and abandon any pretense of using defensive driving techniques.  These drivers pose a serious hazard to anyone in their path.  They often enter intersections at high speeds, running red lights stop signs and even driving the wrong way.  Law enforcement must take extreme risks for themselves and bystanders to bring a high speed chase to an end.  Now they have a new tool to eliminate some of the risks.

Leonard Stock was fed up with how dangerous most high-speed chases were — for the fleeing driver, the officers, and the bystanders.

So he invented the Grappler Bumper to literally extend from the front of a law enforcement vehicle to reach out and grab the fleeing car’s rear tire. A net wraps itself around the tire, stopping it turning and bringing the vehicle to a prompt, controlled stop.


Driving Safety Meets 007

The Grappler Bumper can be tethered or non-tethered depending on the tactical situation providing law enforcement with options during high speed chases. Officers can shoot the Grappler at the fleeing suspect’s tire to stop the car, but this would effectively “tie” their vehicle to the vehicle they were chasing. But if the suspect then tries to escape on foot, the officer can push a button to untether the Grappler, releasing their vehicle to chase after him.

Have a look at the Grappler Bumper in action. It’s very cool, James-Bond kind of stuff:


The Grappler Bumper was all over Facebook recently.

But to give credit where credit is due, we first found this story thanks to the good people at Autoblog.com and MotorTrend.

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  1. A-1 Freight System on 01/10/2017 at 9:17 pm

    If you can drive a little slower, then be it. It will be more safer to do that than having a high speed because you will never know of the accident that may occur and happen anytime.

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