Les Objets Volants, the French juggling and performance art group, perform Bach’s Prelude Nr 1 on “boomwhackers,” colorful plastic tubes that make a tuned “thud” when struck.

Oh, just watch it. No description I type is gonna make this sound normal.


Formed in 1999, Les Objets Volants (or “The Flying Objects”) was created by Denis Paumier, Toon Schuermans and David Fischer, three graduates of France’s National Center for Circus Arts. The group grew out of an explosion of popularity for juggling that France experienced in the 1980s, but Les Objects Volants have expanded to an eclectic repertory, where juggling meets circus, theater, and visual arts.

Of course, Comedy Guys has added this clip to our blog for your entertainment, which is half of what we as a company do. our raison d’etre as it were (to belabor the French a bit more.) But the other half of our professional purpose — turning people into safer drivers — is just as important, if less amusing.

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We’re kind of like jugglers, too.

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