“My whole life, I’ve been telling jokes,” is how Brad Garrett describes his work.  He is best recognized for his role as Robert Barone on the television show Everybody Loves Raymond.  For nine seasons, Brad was the deep voiced older brother of Ray Romano’s character.   He then went to work for Fox on the sit-com ‘Til Death which lasted four seasons.  He’s been on television longer than most have had careers.

Brad has done a bunch of voice over work in such flicks as Tangled, Stewart Little 2, A Bug’s Life and Finding Nemo.  He has also worked extensively in television cartoons.  We here at ComedyGuys have worked extensively in watching television cartoons.

On stage he is known for saying, “There’s a black man inside of me just trying to make bail.”  He also once said, “Humor is healing”  but a good joke cannot stop a heart attack.

Brad also said, “I think as any artist, you always want to grow.”  Since he’s 6’8″, I don’t think he’s gonna grow that much more….

He was once quoted as saying “It’s all I have left in my life, caffeine and a poodle.”  We wonder why you would give caffeine to a poodle?  A pit bull maybe but a poodle, never.

Brad also punched a TMZ photographer.  That alone should get him some kind of reward.

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