Driving in the USA, we sometimes get spoiled by the quality of our roads.

Sure, there's traffic and road repairs and a lot of places that are badly in need of road repairs. Driving in road construction is so annoying and confusing for some drivers that we've had to make it part of our defensive driving curriculum.

But for the most part our roads are standardized: the same dimensions, conditions, and materials are to be found in many different places.

In fact, our roads are so uniform in quality that some timid souls panic at the thought of driving on a perfectly ordinary dirt road.

On the other hand, more adventurous people might actually drive in mud for the fun of it.

But in many places around the world, road aren't as uniform and regulated as ours.

On these roads — like Pakistan's Karakoram Highway in the photo here — driving becomes a real adventure.

Do you have a story of driving on an exciting or dangerous road?

Do you think you'd have the nerves to drive on a road like this?
And what is the most adventurous road you've ever driven?
Tell us about it.

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